Yuletide Skeleton Brigade


December 3


04:00 pm - 05:30 pm

Event Website

The skeleton brigade is ready to take it to the streets again!
Please join us at the Lyman Bridge in WRJ at 4pm on Tues, December 3rd for a Yuletide Skeleton Brigade.
We will wear skeleton costumes with Christmas apparel (Santa or elf hats or anything that suggests the Holiday Season).
We will have Climate Emergency banners. Bring flashlights or lanterns to illuminate the banners after dark.
This action will build on the Lyman Bridge protests led by Bruce Lather every Friday am and pm (thank you Bruce!).
The plan is to have a disruptive visual presence on the bridge with impactful messaging.
The theory of the action is that sight of the Yuletide Skeleton Brigade will shake people momentarily out of ordinary reality and create an opening for our messaging to break through.
Please come join us! The more members we can muster for the brigade the bigger the impact on the public.
Let’s build our climate justice movement!
We also need someone to document the action so we can post afterwards on social media to further amplify the message.
We are in a Climate and Ecological Emergency!
The time to act is now!